What Goes Bump im the night??

So I had to repost this as wordpress turned off my comments somehow and even after several attempts to open them up again it wasn’t working … so comment away!

cracks me up!

So I’m extremely excited to report that Shortly after my last post, as I sat at my work computer, I felt a repeated poke just on my lower belly. This was one of the weirdest yet most exhilarating moments as I felt my little bubs give me a good ol’ nudge. I felt as though this little one was in a way say “Hello Mum” (don’t know why I totally heard that in a british accent in my head) and a big fat smile spread across my face.

The next night I was adamant that Regan got to share in this experience and feel Cletus doing his wicked dance moves in there. So every time I felt a prod or a butterfly in there I would say to Regan “QUICK QUICK”  and would place his hand where I had previously felt it. It wasn’t common that Cletus would kick the same spot in quick succession but I took a chance and it paid off! When Regan finally felt it you could just feel the happiness in the room.

In the past week I feel the bubs moving every now and then and it still feels great, I find it is when I am sitting at my desk or laying down to relax which confirms all that I have been told. In fact as I type this I can feel a bit of movement 🙂 I have also been told that they don’t stop bothering you at the moments when you want to relax for the rest of their life.

I am truly loving all of these new firsts in our life together and I have never been more grateful to have a loving, supportive, handsome, funny and clucky husband. I’m starting to think I’m going to have to pry the baby out of his arms most of the time after the birth but that makes me happy to know how much he wants this new little spirit. I love how he talks to my belly most mornings and nights and I gotta say that life is good!

So I know I have been slack with belly pics and I will get better at doing that! For now I leave you with some inspiring photo shoots of expecting mothers 🙂

Mermaid Chic?

ummmm ...?

Me, Regan and Ella??

One word … classy!


19 weeks and counting!!

just chillin ...

So I know that my blogging has been incredibly substandard of late … but it is only as of yesterday that we now have a new laptop and the internet at our house. So things have changed quite considerably since my last post! I am still working full-time and still loving my life as wifey to my sweet Reginald and mummy to pretty little Ella to but now we get to add to this little family of ours and if you didn’t already know … which I highly doubt … I am 19 weeks Pregnant 🙂

I have had many people ask me if I am pregnant with twins (some just blatently tell me that I’m huge which makes me feel soooo pretty – not) and then several more say that I look really small for 19 weeks so it was with much anticipation that Regan and I went to my first ultrasound yesterday. Regan has been scaring me with his dream about twins and his constant suggestion that we are gonna have to maybe buy the double pram.

The man who was doing my ultrasound looked as excited as though he were looking at the bus time-table. I mean COME ON …  get excited! it’s a human living inside of me. but that didn’t stop the awesome excitement that we were feeling!! I didn’t get to see the screen as he took all of the necessary snap shots and measurements so I got to live vicariously through my hubby who looked like he might burst with joy and then finally he turned the screen to me and showed me my gorgeous little bubs who I’m pretty sure was sucking its thumb (just like it’s aunty.)

So it is now safe to say that we are having one baby and not twins … not that I’m against twins but I’m thinking of my mental health here!

So here are just a few little snap shots of Cletus the Fetus and the cuteness that is to come!

waving to all of the people we love

"feeling a little claustrophobic"

On a side note, Mama and Papa Soininen have left today to go serve a mission in Lapland, Finland for 18 months (in the Arctic Circle.) We got to hang out when I came down for Errie’s wedding and cried like a baby when I got on the plane to go back to Sydney. I am so proud of them and for the awesome example they are to me. Plus Mum has been working hardcore to learn the language and been doing awesomely. Hopefully their absence will make me more of a faithful photo taker and blogger, otherwise there is always Skype! We love you and miss you already!! xoxo

I’m still here

Hi guys … Sorry I haven’t posted as regularly but I have been working fulltime and then trying to spend time with friends and make our home look really Christmassy … This is my first married Christmas and I want to make it a memorable one !

I will put up pictures soon of what I have been working on but for now watch these amazing videos specially selected for the 2 people that will read my blog.

If you’re keen for a laugh!

And In the spirit of the ‘holidays’ enjoy this particular gem…

I used to be a massive music junkie … “serioushly” I was the person who couldn’t stand silence even when I slept. As of late I have lost a little bit of that part of me to other equally important parts of my life. I still find so much joy in it and particularly this song.

Adios 🙂

I can’t think of a name for this post

Today I’m home sick. No, not homesick but I’m at home because of a very annoying and dizzying inner-ear infection. I also found out yesterday from the prosthedontist that my TMJ dysfunction (locked up jaw) will most probably never fully go away and my jaw will probably click forever (that’s if it ever unlocks). The thing that truly sucks is that he told me that I should avoid opening my mouth wide which means no proper singing. I’m only allowed to sing if I keep my teeth open less than 2 cm. No steak, or chewy or hard food no eating an apple the normal way, no rolls, sandwiches or wraps unless I cut them up first and no big yawns.  Oh and I don’t floss enough haha.

I must admit that in a world of quick fixes that his answer was to rest it. What??? no surgery? no tablet? no acupuncture? I had heard of all of these options but apparently for my particular condition, my medication is time. This means no instant gratification people. This means cutting up apples every time!

It is at this time that I must remember all of the wonderful blessings I have in my life and to ‘suck it up princess.’ Wish me luck!

On an awesome note … Both my parents are retired!! CONGRATS! This means 2 weddings and then off on a mission which must be super exciting for them (us kids are gonna miss them a tonne!) Miss and love you guys.

Mi casa es su casa

So Ella and I did a spring clean of our house on Saturday and Ella said that it was the 3rd best day of her life (the day she was born and our wedding were better than a day of cleaning.) We live really close to the town centre but we are out in country on an acreage. So here is the grand tour … come visit sometime!

Our bedroom

Our new headboard 🙂

Our fire place/where we live in winter

Ella's bedroom

Kitchen ... duh!

Our dining room/study


Our veggie patch now!


Our lounge

Our lounge room and bar/storage dumping ground (also check out the big wood pile that my hubby built ... he had to chop down trees 🙂 )

We love our little place …


I have seen lots of silhouettes on the blogosphere and I really wanted to try it. It’s a little dodgy ’cause i took the photo and had to change a couple of things on it but I did this really quickly and I think it looks pretty cool.

Me and my hubby

So that’s just a dodgy quick try at it … I think I might do something for our house and frame it 🙂

Good Question …



This is the question that I find myself posing frequently. Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad or have I failed indeed? I found this on a great Etsy shop persimmon and pink. Go check it out even if it’s for some inspiration. I think I’m gonna frame similar phrases in my own house and when I do I will ‘show and tell.’ If you like that then you also might like this.

So if you are reading this maybe ask yourself this same question and show some extra love to those you love and even those you don’t know … ok don’t go huggin’ randoms now … and have a FANTASTIC day 🙂

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