Just keep drivin’

at the MTC weekend

So I told you all about the MTC weekend a few weeks ago that we put on for the youth where I had my first stint as choir director. The spirit hit! boy did it hit … so much that the Stake President asked that they sing in 3 weeks time at the stake conference and then on the same night at a YSA and youth fireside.

It would have been awesome except for the fact that the decision to do so was last-minute and we were scrambling to organise the kids right up to the prelude item by the stake choir. This meant NO practice.

This also meant that I got up to conduct and I was nervous as heck. I start conducting and the kids are almost ready to sing and I get a few odd looks when I realise I haven’t even motioned for the kids to stand up so seconds before they are meant to sing … so I motion to them to stand just in time (PHEW!) I then proceed to turn to the boys too early and realise that it’s still the girls turn to sing (I turned back to the girls and hope no one noticed …they did… they told me.) Then I skip a whole section of the song as I turn to the boys too early AGAIN and there is a silence as the pianist is confused but thank goodness he is quick and apart from a short pause he covers it well.The kids are singing quietly and we have an entire chapel and hall to fill with music while they face the front of the chapel and despite my “loud” sign to them … they don’t seem to be watching me.

I seriously sat down and wanted to fall in a hole in the floor. this was my second time conducting a choir in public and I stuffed it up and BAD. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even wanna look at the speakers cause of the pitiful job I’d just done.

You can imagine my anxiety and sickness to my stomach when I heard that they still wanted the kids to sing at the fireside. I think I could feel my face tighten and my heart almost knocked me out. Despite this I had to get up and so I did.To my horror I almost forgot to get them to stand AGAIN. NOOOO!! But them something happened, I felt my confidence come back. I felt that spirit and I felt the strength of the choir rise. They sung out with such vibrance and I felt that pride and confidence return.

I had my bounce back (kinda like George on Masterchef) and I felt like even though it was to a very small audience, that I had redeemed myself. I guess its like getting back into the car after your first and second car crash (sorry Mum and Dad) you just gotta keep driving.


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  1. Dee
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 11:05:07

    Get back on and be better, stronger and more spiritual for it.


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