Happy Birthday Kel Bel

So I’m doing an advance birthday post as I’m not quite sure if I’ll have internet access tomorrow on her ACTUAL day.

The McCappin Fam

My sister Kelly is the second eldest of the seven of us. In my younger years she was also more of a mother figure or baby sitter to me because of the big age gap. I remember her having me over to her place to have sleep overs and feeding me lollies and watching movies. I loved going to her house and being able to love her kiddies and have fun.

As I got older she has become a real example to me. She is an amazing mother and the proof is in the pudding. Her 6 beautiful sons are such a wonderful bunch of kids who I left behind in Adelaide and I miss very dearly. I would see Kelly push her way through a million nappies and tantrums and countless loads of washing and find the time to teach and love and to cook wonderful meals.

She has an infectious smile and is hard working and I think we can all attest to her patience (6 sons comeon!!) She is also beautiful inside and out and I sometimes wonder how I would look after 6 kids (I’m sure not half as good!). I love her heaps and as with the rest of my family I can’t wait to see Kelly and give her and her boys a big bear hug.

I love you Kelly and I hope you have an amazing day … make sure you get the biggest slice of cake! xoxo

Behold Wilbur (the cutest thing EVER)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amelia
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 02:39:16

    Yep Kell’s a pretty special person! Happy Birthday (for tomorrow) Kelly!! XOXO


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