I’m still here

Hi guys … Sorry I haven’t posted as regularly but I have been working fulltime and then trying to spend time with friends and make our home look really Christmassy … This is my first married Christmas and I want to make it a memorable one !

I will put up pictures soon of what I have been working on but for now watch these amazing videos specially selected for the 2 people that will read my blog.

If you’re keen for a laugh!

And In the spirit of the ‘holidays’ enjoy this particular gem…

I used to be a massive music junkie … “serioushly” I was the person who couldn’t stand silence even when I slept. As of late I have lost a little bit of that part of me to other equally important parts of my life. I still find so much joy in it and particularly this song.

Adios 🙂


I can’t think of a name for this post

Today I’m home sick. No, not homesick but I’m at home because of a very annoying and dizzying inner-ear infection. I also found out yesterday from the prosthedontist that my TMJ dysfunction (locked up jaw) will most probably never fully go away and my jaw will probably click forever (that’s if it ever unlocks). The thing that truly sucks is that he told me that I should avoid opening my mouth wide which means no proper singing. I’m only allowed to sing if I keep my teeth open less than 2 cm. No steak, or chewy or hard food no eating an apple the normal way, no rolls, sandwiches or wraps unless I cut them up first and no big yawns.  Oh and I don’t floss enough haha.

I must admit that in a world of quick fixes that his answer was to rest it. What??? no surgery? no tablet? no acupuncture? I had heard of all of these options but apparently for my particular condition, my medication is time. This means no instant gratification people. This means cutting up apples every time!

It is at this time that I must remember all of the wonderful blessings I have in my life and to ‘suck it up princess.’ Wish me luck!

On an awesome note … Both my parents are retired!! CONGRATS! This means 2 weddings and then off on a mission which must be super exciting for them (us kids are gonna miss them a tonne!) Miss and love you guys.