Thailand Love

Today my heart is full of gratitude and I feel a rush of contentment fill me up. I feel the need to bear my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.

Jesus Christ is REAL. He lived and loved, healed and bled for us. He is my savour and redeemer and he knows me by name. His love is constant and through prayer we can have his comfort and guidance in our lives. We just need to kneel down and talk with him. I know that my Heavenly Father also has an intense love for me and that he was willing to sacrifice his beloved son so that we all might live again.

I know that families can and WILL be together forever! We all have divine roles in this world and my role as a mother to Beautiful Ella and faithful wife to Regan will be the only success in this world that truly matters. I know that we have a living prophet on the earth today and that Thomas S Monson is an inspired man of God who gives us regular inspiration from on high.

I know that true happiness and joy comes from following the words of Christ. I know that being sealed to the love of my life within the temple walls was the  most amazing and special experience. It was truly a moment where I could feel the heavens open a little and as a ray of light shone through the window I could feel my heart expand with gratitude.

Where I got sealed to my sweetheart

Tonight my sister Erin (Erry Ferry) is in Sydney until Sunday morning which means that tonight I will be spending time with my sisters, eating A LOT of antioxidants, if you know what I mean 😉 while Ella runs around with Lillie playing dolls and jumping on the trampoline.

The other night was so great as Regan and I sat up chatting. We wrote down all of our goals in different categories which included spiritually, mentally, physically and also goals to do with money and all of the hobbies we wanted to take up. Then we decided to do a spring clean until about 11pm. It was great to finally have the ‘Proclamation to the Family’ framed and hung along with a few other religious pictures (thanks to Regan getting the pictures framed and hung.When we finally ran out of steam and passed out on the bed we lay with our noses touching and told each other how in love were. It was such a great moment to feel that kind of joy.

On another note – ‘Eat Pray Love’ is enjoyable but I found it very hard to not want to punch Julia Roberts in the face … selfish much?

ps. If you are seeking inspiration then check out this … she is awesome (true beauty!)

pps. I will put up photos of my house and vege patch soon! anyone wants coriander? We have WAY too much!

Stay tuned for tales of our honeymoon in Thailand.

Stay tuned ...


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amelia
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 04:36:50

    Beautiful testimony Elle Belle!! Thanks for sharing.
    Have fun with the girls while Erin is there … you can never have too many antioxidants 🙂
    And please send me some coriander … please!


    • ausellebelle
      Oct 10, 2010 @ 05:09:23

      Thanks for commenting Milla … I sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself and I wonder if I should keep blogging but then I get a comment and I get so excited haha. Can’t wait to hang out with you! xoxo


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