Honeymoon is over baby

OK so something is going funky with my blog! and I’m not happy. I wrote a big long post with hilarious anecdotes about me getting stung by a jellyfish and staying in bed for 2 days straight and eating Burger King everyday and flashing an entire boat of tourists … ACCIDENTALLY and it was only half of a flash! … anyway Thailand was great! Thanks to Mama Sandra and Papa Ken we able to go for 2 weeks and we loved it. A major highlight was Regan stepping in a puddle of something brown on our first night … oh the dramas … So I have posted some cool pictures of us on our trip!

Ate the best icecream ever for lunch and dinner

lazed by the pool

Snorkelled ... woo!

Danced with elephants

Chilled with monkeys

Would have been more effective if we took the stool away!

Ate burgers A LOT! my tummy didn't want anything else


We got fish pedicures where they eat dead skin


James Bond Island

Our SOFT bed


Met Jenny from the block … yes his name is Jenny

 Yes his name is Jenny and he was the tour guide/barman/break dancer/hilarious guy. When we heard his name we started calling him Jenny from the block. Regan and I thought he really made this day trip really fun and It was while I watched him trying to break dance on an overturned canoe, that I got stung by the jelly fish. (note. putting sugar on a sting does NOT do anything more than make your leg sticky.)

Before the trip Regan HATED eggs. It was one of the foods he couldn’t stomach but magically at the breaky buffet there was a man who turned that all around … now he LOVES eggs … particularly omelettes… behold that man …

Iron Chef!

And this was us on our final day at the buffet

and cried when it was all over

Needless to say we liked the buffet A LOT!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kate Conklin
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 06:49:07

    Awhhhhh, what a cute couple. The honeymoon has just begun! xx


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