Today I am feeling really nauseous … well actually for the last couple of days and I just want to pass out and wake up when it’s over! but then I open my photo album and I see photos like this one

searching for the courage to jump

 or this …

baby bumping

or this 🙂

the froth is the best bit

These were all taken from the past two Christmases and it reminds me of the awesome times that lay ahead. Thanks so much for giving me your Christmas tradition suggestions … and keep ’em coming.

On another note. A couple of weeks ago Regan and I were able to help run an MTC youth weekend for the Macarthur stake youth as Regan is the Stake Young Men’s President. There was so much stress in the lead up but on the weekend everything seemed to go seamlessly. Regan was the “Mission President” and I was the “Mission President’s Wife.” I also had to pretend to be an investigator and a person on the other side of the door when they practiced their door approaches. I took the slightly less mature approach and pretended to be a drunk Russian, an old lady, and just a plain old nasty woman. I am a sucker for getting laughs and it made it fun.

I was also the choir director for the group of 100 teens and I was nervous as heck! They sung the ‘As Sisters in Zion/We’ll Bring the World His Truth medley. It was my first time directing a choir let alone one that big but when they stood up to sing at the fireside on Sunday night it was as though a big brick wall of the spirit hit everyone. The actual Mission President, Pres Tupou, Regan and I (as well of lots of people in the congregation) were all crying by the end of it and I was so so glad that I had the opportunity to the there with them. We then got asked to do the same item at Stake Conference in a few weeks which should be awesome.

Ok I’m out!


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  1. Amelia
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 05:08:00

    I hope you are feeling less blah soon! Yay for family Christmas’s … I can’t wait!!
    The last bit of your post fully took me back to living in Sydney when I was the YW president and Andre was the high councilor. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun (haha …drunk old nasty Russian woman). There are so many wonderful people and singers in Macarthur stake. I must admit I’m taking a few deep breaths to settle my anxiety down just thinking about the lead up to big activities like that – but I’m so glad it was worth it!


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