Happy Birthday Shmilla!

In the Soininen family half of my sisters are born within a couple of months of each other and so be prepared to see a couple more of these posts in the near future.

Today is my sister, Amelia’s Birthday (Amelia is the one on the left of the phot in the last post.) Amelia is one of the people who I miss like crazy after leaving Adelaide. Even though She lives a good 4 hours drive from Adelaide I miss her weekend visits where we would sit watching trashy movies and eating Fruchocs (mmm I could really do with some now.) I grew up with Amelia in the house until I was about 12 (I think) and I always remember looking up to her and thinking how much I wanted to be like her, and today is no exception!

Amelia is seriously the most sweet-hearted, talented (check it out here), giving person and I am so glad to have her in my life as a sister and a friend. So much so that when she said that she was contemplating coming and visiting Sydney soon I almost peed my pants with joy and told her to DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! She is so so creative and gives away almost all of her wonderful creations to people. I forgot to include her and some of my other sisters in the wedding post and I forgot to say that Amelia was such a massive help in setting up the house and painstakingly arranged the flowers on top of our cake with no experience but it looked so professional and beautiful.

I used to be sad when I was younger because I was the young little sister and I was jealous of the older sisters who could all hang out and be friends and share secrets and now I am at the stage where me and my sisters are really great friends and Amelia is someone I know that I can share my happy moments and my sobbing moments with and who will be my shoulder (even if it is just through the phone.) I can honestly say that anyone who knows her is better for it and I have not met anyone that has ever said a bad word about her.

I only wish I could be there today to help her celebrate this day by helping her each cake and watching trashy TV together. I love you Milla and hope you have the best day (come visit soon … you know you wants to!)


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