So one thing I have craved since we got married was to get a new camera. We had been creating all of these memories but had no photos to really show for it so on Saturday morning Regan and I got up early in search of a camera. We were determined to not return home until we had bought one and it was a success!!

Check out my new baby

my new baby

After seriously walking upstairs and downstairs into 2 different shops about, no joke, 5 times each we found it and we found out we also get 200 bucks worth of photos on top as well so we can’t wait. When we were looking I also set my eye on the SLR cameras. I have read so many of your blogs where the photos are amazing and I have some real jealousy issues haha so I also plan to play around with this little camera for now and then buy an SLR in the near future. Can anyone recommend what kind of camera they love?

Oh and I have finally gotten round to checking out my honeymoon photos and my wedding photos and in the next few posts I’ll share them with you.

On a hilarious note … as some of you might know … I am the second counsellor in the stake primary presidency and on Sunday we went to Mittagong branch for ward conference. The Primary president didn’t have counsellors and for some reason she went home we Rosie Tupou and I decided to hold a little impromptu sharing time. Luckily I had a pre-prepared sharing time in my car all about repentance (don’t be fooled about my organisational skills, this was pure luck). This was my first ever sharing time and I was pretty excited. Let me just say that little primary kids are HILARIOUS!! Apart from the excitement and their little squeals of “OH OH CHOOOOOSE ME MEEE” after every question with their hands in the air as far as their shoulder joint would allow. Some of their responses were gold.

Me: What does “being mean” mean?

Primary kid: I have a question!! So I was watching the ghost whisperer and there was this Asian kid who was being rude to his mum, but then the wind came and told him that he shouldn’t be mean anymore so everyone was happy!!

quickly followed by another little child…

6 y.o. Child 2: when I was at school a friend of mine came up to me and said “get away from me you dirty little !*&^”

a very shocked me: ok … alright … yeah no we shouldn’t ever repeat those words EVER … not even in class.

Also, Regan and I were asked very last second to teach the youth Sunday School class. At first we were bumbling around trying to think of something cool to do but then we decided to make it into a testimony meeting and after a very slow start we were amazed at the wonderful spirit that entered the room. They turned from a tough crowd into strong bunch of valiant youth.

I love this gospel and I love this camera … stay tuned for my photographic masterpieces!


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