Lucky Me!

Today was the day. It is true that in the last couple days I had actually been dreading this day. The thought of renting a cap and gown ($45) and getting my parents to spend 15 bucks each on tickets to a ceremony where I would be on stage for a total of 20 seconds and then sit through 30 to 45 minutes of watching others do the same. But I did it … I donned a cap and gown and  4 months after I actually handed up my last assignment, I stood on the wings of the stage. The one thought in my head ( what if I’m in the wrong order and i walk out only to hear ” Fred So-and-so” but then I was soon overcome with a real sense of joy and accomplishment. Sure it was just a bachelor of Arts and my 3 years could never compare to some others who seemed to live at the uni, but  I had done it and standing there in my oversize black robe with a blue sash and a hat with a strange square on the top, complete with tassel, I was smiling from ear to ear. No sooner had I walked out on stage but I heard the Chancellor say something that could loosely resemble my name … “Ellen Liiiiiisa Swinoinineninonenskdkjh”  ….

So afterward it was good to embrace the proud parents and if dads propensity to take photos of me every two seconds was any indication, mine were proud. After we went to Star of Siam (one of my favourite Thai restaurants) and mum and dad gave me a green glass charm for my pandora bracelet and some flowers. I gotta say that I’m one lucky girl and now I guess its up to me too continue to create my own luck.

Much Love


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  1. sharry
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 05:51:17

    congratulations ellen – i couldn’t be prouder if you were my very own! i remember driving you up to NAU and getting you settled, and not wanting to leave until the last possible minute, worrying all the way home that you would be alright. miss you!

    love from us all.


  2. Dee
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 10:35:25

    The worst thing about finishing something is that you can’t keep doing it. Now you have to find something else to do. Welcome to the real world, that is unless you already have plans for more study.


  3. Ash
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 05:10:42

    Congrats!!!! WOOHOO!!!
    Ellen I am so glad that you started a blog! I’ve missed you and I love that I can stay updated with you now! You are so beautiful!!! Love you!!!


  4. jessie
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 14:31:58

    justseemed fit his name

    i recentlystartedbloggingto


  5. jessie
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 14:32:27



  6. Daniel
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 18:13:56

    Congratualtions! I’ve sent you an invitation to view our family blog. I sent it to groovy_ellen. Do you have a more current email? Just send me it and I can reinvite you.


  7. Rebeccaj
    Apr 15, 2008 @ 11:37:26

    Congratulations Ellen!
    A phone congratulations will be forthcoming in the very near future.
    I graduated this time last year and I know how you felt. Did you have to doff your cap to the el grande cloaked-one as you walked across the stage? I did. It’s hard to walk and doff at the same time. A Bachelor of Arts is a real achievement. I know how many essays and assignments go into one of those. So you should be real proud of yourself. I am proud of you. Love and kisses.


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